Communications of the
Korean Mathematical Society

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Commun. Korean Math. Soc. 2023; 38(4): 1191-1213

Online first article July 17, 2023      Printed October 31, 2023

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Transversal lightlike submersions from indefinite Sasakian manifolds onto lightlike manifolds

Shiv Sharma Shukla, Vipul Singh

University of Allahabad; University of Allahabad


In this paper, we introduce and study two new classes of lightlike submersions, called radical transversal and transversal lightlike submersions between an indefinite Sasakian manifold and a lightlike manifold. We give examples and investigate the geometry of distributions involved in the definitions of these lightlike submersions. We also study radical transversal and transversal lightlike submersions from an indefinite Sasakian manifold onto a lightlike manifold with totally contact umbilical fibers.

Keywords: Lightlike manifold, indefinite Sasakian manifold, radical transversal lightlike submersion, transversal lightlike submersion

MSC numbers: Primary 53C15, 53C20, 53C50, 53D15