The following are papers that have received final approval and are awaiting to be published. They are listed in the order of their initial submission date.
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Note: Please understand the below list is not in the exact publishing order of the papers as the list does not include papers under internal reviewing process nor those that have not been galley proofed by the authors.

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* Paper information have been automatically generated from the information submitted by authors in the online submission system.

Praveen Agarwal, Shilpi Jain, M.A.KHAN, and KS Nisar
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Mohammed M. Awad, Asmaa O. Mohammed, Medhat A. Rakha, and Arjun K. Rathie
New Series Identities for 1/Pi
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Yong Hah Lee
Uniqueness of solutions for the boundary value problem of certain nonlinear elliptic operators via p-harmonic boundary
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Parviz Sadat Hosseini and Bahmann Yousefi
Fixed points of BSC-Sequences
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Hasan Al-Ezeh, Manal Ghanem, and Jameel Rwalah
The Hull Number of Powers of Cycles
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Nisar Kottakkaran Sooppy
On generalized modified k-Bessel function of first kind
Abdul Haseeb and Rajendra Prasad
Certain curvature conditions in Kenmotsu manifolds with respect to the semi-symmetric metric connection
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Muhammad Akram and Neha Waseem
Novel decision making method based on domination in m- polar fuzzy graphs
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Yeol J. CHO, Mohammad Showkat Rahim CHOWDHURY, and Je Ai HA
Generalized Bi-quasi-variational-like Inequalities on Non-compact Sets
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Petrica Dicu and Alina Totoi
Inclusion properties regarding classes of meromorphic p-valent functions, involving the operator J_{p,\lambda}^n
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Sebastien Gaboury and Arjun K Rathie
Evaluation of a new class of double definite integrals
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Sung Guen Kim
The geometry of $L_s(^3l_{\ingty}^2)$
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Junesang Choi and I. A. Shilin
A family of series and integrals involving Whittaker, Bessel functions, and their products derivable from the semisimple Lie group $SO(2,1)$
Metin Başarır and Aynur Şahin
Some results of the new iterative scheme in hyperbolic space
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Neelam Pandey and Jai Prakash Patel
Fractional calculus and integral transforms of incomplete tau-Hypergeometric Function
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Shin-Ok Bang, Dong-Soo Kim, and Dae Won Yoon
Various centroids and some characterizations of catenary curves
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JunKee Jeon and Ji-Hun Yoon
Discount barrier option pricing with a stochastic interest rate: Mellin transform techniques and method of images
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Ruchi Das, Tarun Das, and Sejal Shah
Bowen's decomposition theorem for topologically Anosov homeomorphisms on noncompact and non-metrizable spaces
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Abdelhamid Boulal, Mustapha Djaa, and Seddik Ouakkas
Harmonic and biharmonic maps on doubly twisted product manifolds.
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Thomas Ernst
On Eulerian $q$-integrals for single and multiple $q$-hypergeometric series
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An Hyun Kim and In Hyoun Kim
The degree and the coprime-ness for matrix-valued rational functions
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Motoshi Hongan and Nadeem ur Rehman
Remarks on generalized Jordan $(\alpha, \beta)^*$-derivations of semiprime rings with involution
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Luis Nu\~nez-Betancourt, Yuriko Pitones, and Rafael Heraclio Villarreal
Footprint and minimum distance functions

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