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The following are papers that have received final approval and are awaiting to be published. They are listed in the order of their initial submission date.
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  • Online first article April 11, 2024

    On the convergence of Ishikawa iteration with errors for real continuous functions

    Kittithat Boonpot and Satit Saejung

    Abstract : We point out an error appeared in the paper of Yuan et al. [Commun. Korean Math. Soc. 26 (2011), no. 2, 229-235] and present a correction of their result under a more general assumption. Moreover, we discuss the validity of the conditions imposed on the sequences of error terms.

  • Online first article April 11, 2024

    Parallel shrinking projection method for fixed point and generalized equilibrium problems on Hadamard manifold.


    Abstract : In this article, we propose a shrinking projection algorithm for solving a finite family of generalized equilibrium problem which is also a fixed point of a nonexpansive mapping in the setting of Hadamard manifolds. Under some mild conditions, we prove that the sequence generated by the proposed algorithm converges to a common solution of a finite family of generalized equilibrium problem and fixed point problem of a nonexpansive mapping. Lastly, we present some numerical examples to illustrate the performance of our iterative method. Our results extends and improve many related results on generalized equilibrium problem from linear spaces to Hadamard manifolds. The result discuss in this article extends and complements many related results in the literature.

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  • Online first article March 28, 2024

    Cohen-Macaulay dimension for complexes

    Fatemeh Mohammadi Aghjeh Mashhad

    Abstract : In this paper, we focus on the concept of Cohen-Macaulay dimension in order to extend it to the category of homologically finite complexes. We prove some various results, and as an interesting result we show that over a local ring (R,m), any homologically finite complex X of finite Cohen- Macaulay dimension has a finite CM-resolution which means that there is a bounded complex of finitely generated R-modules like G such that G is isomorphic with X, and each nonzero Gi has zero Cohen-Macaulay dimension.

  • Online first article April 2, 2024

    Some properties of critical point equations metrics on the statistical manifolds

    Hajar Ghahremani-Gol and Mohammad Amin Sedghi

    Abstract : The aim of this paper is to investigate some properties of the critical points equations on the statistical manifolds. We obtain some geometric equations on the statistical manifolds which admit critical point equations. We give a relation only between potential function and difference tensor for a CPE metric on the statistical manifolds to be Einstein.

  • Online first article March 28, 2024

    Riemannian submersions whose total manifold admits h-almost Ricci-Yamabe soliton

    Mehraj Ahmad Lone and Towseef Ali Wani

    Abstract : In this paper, we study Riemannian submersions whose total manifold admits h-almost Ricci-Yamabe soliton. We characterize the fibers of the submersion and see under what conditions the fibers form h-almost Ricci-Yamabe soliton. Moreover, we find the necessary condition for the base manifold to be an h-almost Ricci-Yamabe soliton and Einstein manifold. Later, we compute scalar curvature of the total manifold and using this we find the necessary condition for h-almost Yamabe solition to be shrinking, expanding and steady. At the end, we give a non-trivial example.

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